Our biggest strength is the people of this diverse District. With over 60 dialects spoken within the immediate surrounding, and a plethora of businesses to drive our economy, our District has the potential to be a vibrant place to live, educate, work and play.

The one phrase that you will continue to hear throughout this campaign journey is the CORE of our message and our MOTTO:



Like a Phoenix, our district can be reborn! The Sharpstown community was the first to build a master-planned community in 1955, attracting national media attention not just because the subdivision created provision homes but also for its school, shopping malls and recreational areas. However, as of today, many parts of the district are in a state of dilapidation and in immediate revitalization. As your next Council Member, I will work my hardest to fill the potholes, repair the drainage, and build more green spaces.


To achieve our common goal of long term growth in our District we will need teamwork. Collaborating with both the private and public sectors we can and will bring positive change into our neighborhoods. As a business owner, I must partner with clients, vendors, contractors and everyone in between to complete our projects. As a community advocate, for 12 consecutive years, I have collaborated with nonprofits and businesses alike members raise 10,000 backpacks and school supplies for financially challenged families in our District. I have truly witnessed what can be accomplished when we combine our time and resources. I am also declaring this District a Hate Free Zone. We have absolutely no room for discrimination and bigotry. As your next Council Member, I will always promote a spirit of collaboration and inclusion.

Safety and Security

A community that is not safe cannot prosper. Many may not want to admit it, but there are criminal elements that have found a home in our District and the domino effect of their actions have caused entire areas to become a hotbed of illegal activity. The Safety of our residents, schools, and businesses must be a top priority if we are to flourish as a District. With your help, I will work with all law enforcement as well as any other organizations invested in the safety of our neighborhoods.  Please, if you See something, Say something! As your next Council Member, I will not rest until our District has the proper resources to keep our streets Safe and Secure.


Investing in our community means investing in our kids’ future. With the help of the local school districts’ and each and everyone who is invested in the success of District J, I am planning to focus resources on where it truly matters, towards our youth. The words “Thank You” do not go far enough to credit our hard-working teachers in both Houston and Alief Independent School Districts. As your next Council Member, I will fervently support our teachers and school districts and place educational programs at the top of my priority.